12 Best Flipbook Software in Comparison [Unexpected Winner]

[03/12/2019 UPDATE]  If you want to create a magazine, you are spoilt for choice. There are so many publishing platforms out there, like Issuu or the top flipbook software Yumpu. Here I will review the 12 best flipbook software programs. 

Do you want to download digital publishing software which will allow you plenty of flexibility but offers nowhere online to host your flipbook and is usually pretty pricey?

Do you want to go for a free option, with cloud hosting?

Is being able to share to social media or in an app important?

The list of questions could go on an on…

giphy (3).gif


Have you ever wondered which is the best digital flipbook software on the market?

best software choice

Wonder no more.

Because I got the right answer for your needs as I look at 12 different options and present what I consider to be the best of the bunch…

…and you might be rather surprised by the answer of the best flipbook software!

There are so many to choose from, and the choice for best flipbook software is, quite frankly, overwhelming.

Apdf, Flip builder, Instant Flipbook…

The list of services is seemingly endless.

And then you have to decide do I want it for PC or flipbook software for Mac or online?

Are my readers using iPad, iPhone, tablets or computers (Windows, Mac)?

In this case, fortunately, there is one contender that is always top rated and can be found in so many top 5 or top 10 lists.

In this article, I’m going to go even further and show you 12 best flipbook software  – and then reveal the unexpected winner.

Table of Contents:

Why do I need Flipping book software?

Just a few months ago my company was struggling.

I run a small cafe bar in a tourist area, and it became increasingly apparent that my customers were visiting my web page – but not my cafe.

I was getting depressed watching customers walk confidently into neighboring establishments.

Then, by chance, I heard one of my neighbors talking about how much good feedback she’d got from making her menu available online.

I knew she offered a similar menu to mine, so I started researching the best way to publish my paper menus in interactive online flipbooks with a realistic page flipping effect.

Soon I learned about flipbook creation.

I simply take a PDF file of my menu and out pops a created flipp book or eBook.

Now my web page looks so much more professional and refined, and I’ve had feedback that it’s because they can read my menu on the web on their mobile phones, so my next improvement is going to be adding an app as an option for connecting with my clientele.

And as it’s so simple to edit the menu, I’m able to spend more of my freetime experimenting with new dishes to attract even more custom.


Are you scratching your head wondering what I’m on about?

Let me take a moment to answer some of your questions based on my research and my experience.

Q: What is a flipbook?

A: A type of electronic book that mimics reading a paper book online. You can turn one page after the other like you are reading a real magazine or book.

Q: Why do I need a software for that?

A: The conversion isn’t something you can do by hand. Digital flipbook maker software turns your PDF documents into a flipbook you could use as a product catalog, brochure, E flip magazine, or menu.

Q: What is flipbook software?

A: Software to create flipbook is the online flipbook software or computer program that does all the hard work for you. The output? An amazing digital flipbook!

Q: How to use flipbook software?

A: Usually it’s as simple as uploading your pdf to flash flipbook software and clicking “start”. Afterward, you can make all amendments you wish. Now you just have to go on and spread your newly magazine! It is that easy to use the beste flipbook software – no need to learn any special skills!

Easy to follow step-by-step-tutorial:

  1. Go to the flip book maker’s webpage by either using your iPad, mobile phone or Windows or Mac PC.

    Website of the Flipbook Maker
    Webpage of the Magazine Maker
  2. Drag and drop the PDF to flipbook converter.

    Drag and Drop PDF document
  3. Log in or Sign up for free.

    Log-in or Sign-up
    Log-in or Sign-up
  4. Make any preferred changes to the publication using the Document Manager. Like, for example, you have the ability to include rich media such as image, audio or video files or include an internal link/cross-link inside the magazine.

    Make Changes within the Document Manager
  5. Go on and spread your stunning animated publication on your homepage or any social media site like Facebook, Twitter & Co. The people who follow you will appreciate it!

    Share Online Flipbook using the Embed Code
    Use the Embed Code to spread your Flipbook across your Social Networks

Q: Which flipbook software providers exist?

A: There are so many to choose from. To name a few:

  • Yumpu
  • Anyflip
  • Flip PDF
  • Issuu
  • Flipsnack
  • Flippingbook
  • …..

Some offer free HTML5 flipbook software, others have an offline flipbook creator model where you download flipbook magazine software and use your computer (Mac or Windows) to make the publication. This is why it’s important to get the best one for you.

So keep on reading to get to know about 12 excellent flipbook software providers and to find out which the best flipbook software is!

Flipbook software reviews

So, onto the best flipbook software websites contenders. Here are 12 PDF to flip book software reviews and my flipbook software comparison.

1. Flip PDF

Website of Flip PDF

Previously known as A-pdf this tool is a downloadable HTML5 flipbook maker with support for different themes to customize your work. Compared to other flipbook maker software you have to download this flipbook software to your computer (works with Windows and Mac). There are different products for the users, 1. Flip PDF or 2. the Flip PDF Professional for Mac or for Windows.

It offers the ability to batch convert several files at once and various options for distributing the publication. Including a burn to CD option if you want a way to spread physical versions of your flipbook. Making it a good contender for the best flipbook software.

It’s as simple to use as editing the file in the first place, using a familiar layout so you can find all the functions you need quite easily.

Just like if you were editing a Word file you browse to the file and import it into the system ready to go.

The next step allows you to edit the theme and style of your magazine until you are happy then publish them. Either by direct upload to your webpage (you will need to check that your ISP supports this) or to a file on your computer.

Type: desktop


  • convert multiple files at the same time
  • import links etc. from the original pdf file
  • add watermark to your flipping book
  • unlimited publications


  • rather expensive (starting at $99)
  • slow support
  • takes some time to get used to the software (rather complicated)

2. Instant Flipbook

Website of Instant Flipbook
Web site of Instant Flipbook

Instant Flipbook is an online provider so it could be a good option if you are looking for a web based flip book software

You create an account which allows you to get to the conversion software then upload your file.

You get to try it for free, but if you want your publications to be seen anywhere else, you will need to pay for the service.

Each conversion costs a specific amount dependant on how many digital flip PDF conversions you’ve made already. So the more you use it, the less it costs per file.

It’s quick to convert pdfs files and has support for analytics and search engine optimization (SEO).

As well as customization hyperlinks both internal and external and the ability to embed images, audio and video files.

Type: web-based


  • works on all devices
  • print flipbook
  • add video, image, links
  • readers get the option to download publication
  • unlimited pages per magazine


  • pricing starts at $77 (only trial version for 7 days)
  • upload size limit is only 100MB
  • can’t add flipbook to Facebook on trial version
  • can’t host files on your own website on trial version

3. iMag

iMag Website
iMag Website

iMag is a cool alternative to many of the better-known online catalog creators.

It’s a pretty sizeable company, already hosting content from more than 2.5 million businesses around the world.

It’s standout feature is most definitely it’s optimization capabilities.

When you upload and convert your document to a flip catalog, it automatically makes it ready for Google, helping it get found on more searches.

Not only that, but the software even extracts the images you have in your document and repackages them ready for Google Images.

That gives you more ways to reach out to customers and get your products found.

It’s got some neat advanced editing features too, giving you more control over the colors and fonts used in your publication.

Pricing is easy to understand, but it’s a shame Google Analytics is only included with the more expensive subscription levels.

Type: web-based


  • unlimited number of flipbooks
  • unlimited pages per magazine
  • add interactive elements (audio, video & co.)
  • works on all devices
  • embed on your website
  • social sharing features


  • no free trial (but Starter Plan is only $1 for the first month, then $15)
  • no Google Analytics in Starter Plan
  • no Privacy Settings in Starter Plan

4. FlippingBook

Website of FlippingBook

Here you can choose between downloading their desktop flip page software or subscribing to their online flippingbook software service that includes cloud hosting and cloud storage.

This adaptability is why this alternative made is one of the best flipbook software.

Like all software, it’s simple to upload your PDF and customize it the way you want, even if the online customization options are somewhat limited.

If you opt to download the full version you have total control over how the magazine looks and feels. But you will have to host your own content which may not be possible with certain ISPs, so you need to talk to whoever hosts your web page before proceeding.

If you do choose to go along that route, it is easy to monitor analytics and offer security on files as you can control who has access to the publications directly.

Type: desktop


  • no ads
  • basic analytics
  • seo friendly publications
  • embed flipbook on your website
  • social sharing


  • no free plan (pricing starts at €49/month)
  • only 10 publications with the Starter Plan
  • no video embedding
  • can’t add links

5. Sage Flip Catalog

Website of Sage Flip Catalog
Website of Sage Flip Catalog

Well-known for their research and marketing tools Sage Flip Catalog also offer a service to beef up your magazines, brochures or publications which is why they’re on the best flipbook software listing.

If you’re looking for flip catalog software free of hassle, then you may be interested in their simple service which involves their wizards creating interactive books / e page flipping catalogue.

The plus side is that it means they spend quite a while getting it absolutely perfect – for a price!

It also means editing or amending your brochure is going to involve an extra level of communication with all the misunderstandings and issues that raises.

Type: web-based

6. Flipcreator

Website of Flipcreator
Web site of Flipcreator

One of the features that make flipcreator stand out is the ability to spread your flipbook or publications through a page flipper app.

You can download their free flip book software to try it out, but if you want to continue to use it, you will have to pay.

Like most of the downloadable software, you have full control over customization of your professional digital magazine to make it as unique as your business is.

It provides a standard document editing interface using dialog boxes and windows like any other piece of software which makes it quite easy to pick up – even if you aren’t the best at techy stuff – so basically a really great feature.

Although the amount for a license might seem high, you do need to remember that it is a lifetime license instead of a subscription. And it does include the ability to make both iOS and Android app versions of your content.

Type: desktop


  • unlimited magazines
  • unlimited pages per magazine
  • white label solution
  • print pages
  • works on all devices


  • only free trial (Standard plan starts at $9.8/month)
  • no social sharing with trial version
  • no analytics with trial version
  • can’t embed video, audio links on trial version

7. Anyflip

Website of Anyflip

This is a gratis flip book software that allows you to create interactive online only flip books in  Flash or HTML5 .

The basic plan is quite limited compared to other programs.

You can’t download to your own computer or include audio files and add videos (Youtube, Vimeo) for example. Nevertheless, you can do all of these things with one of the paid plans using the Page Editor of Anyflip.

And while the free package does allow you to share to social networks, it does not provide any support for SEO other than a basic text version which search engines can parse.

Google Analytics integration is included even in the free account which is why it’s on the best flipbook software list. And you can perform some customization without having to put your hand in your pocket.

Type: desktop


  • Google Analytics tracking
  • custom templates
  • share on social networks
  • print pages


  • only free trial (Pro plan starts at $15/month)
  • watermark embed
  • no password protection
  • can’t add audio, video and images
  • not search engine optimized

8. Yumpu

Website of the Best Flipbook Software Yumpu
Website of the Best Flipbook Software Yumpu

Is gratis all you’re prepared to pay?

It is a professional flipbook creator free to use as many times as you like.

It is compatible and supports all devices – mobile, desktop and print alike meaning you don’t need to worry whether your customers will be able to access your digital magazines. And the user interface is really simple.

It’s got great sharing features – just click a button to instantly get the ability to add your digital flipbook to your social networks.

Another great feature is, that you can embed multimedia like audio and videos into the magazine using the Hotspot Editor, making your HTML5 flipbooks more like responsive electronic environment than a book. (Unless you want it to be just like a book – it can do that too!).

It supports hyperlinks so not only can you allow your reader to jump around inside the online magazines you can also direct them to other web pages (tracking their clicks with Google Analytics with the upgraded version) or craft hyperlinks back to specific sections of the text.

There’s also a big knowledge base.

Chances are someone else has been trying to make their digital magazine do whatever it is that you’re struggling with and a quick search will give you the answers to your problems.

If that turns up a blank, you can contact the support team directly asking for help, and they really know how to look after their customers, making them a solid addition to the best flipbook software choices to create digital stunning flipbooks.

Type: web-based


  • unlimited pages per magazine
  • social sharing
  • search engine optimized
  • add audio, video and links
  • works on all devices
  • cross link inside the magazine
  • free plan (paid plan starts at $19,95)


  • up to 3 magazines
  • free plan shows advertisment

9. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker

Website of Kvisoft Flipmaker
Web site of Kvisoft Flipmaker

Another paid provider (there aren’t really many free software providers in the checklist of top flipbook software). With the Pro version, you get to use different flipbook templates.

It allows imports in a variety of formats – not just free PDF – and will enable you to create right-to-left interactive books for Arabic or similar language support.

You can even use it to create automatic flipping books published to a screensaver for sharing on a kiosk computer for example.

You can download the free trial version and see what you think of it for 30 days.

But decide if it’s the best flipbook software for you before the end of those 30 days, otherwise you will have to buy a license to keep using the software and anything you create with it will be watermarked.

Type: desktop


  • convert Excel, Word, PPT, PDF
  • set templates
  • add table of contents and bookmarks
  • can output flipbook in HTML5, Flash, EXE, SWF


  • no cloud storage
  • only 30-day free trial (pricing starts at $97)

10. Flip HTML5

Website of FlipHTML5
Website of Flip HTML5

The name says it all really, this is an Html5 page flip software and regularly appears in lists of best free flipbook software.

Without choosing a paid version,  you only have limited advanced features and unfortunately, there isn’t a trial for one of the paid plans. You can’t integrate with AdSense or track access statistics. But the free version offers enough for you to be going on with.

FlipHTML5 produces free interactive eBooks using Html5 and jQuery for a smooth pageflip and works online and offline.

If you don’t want a download but want to convert something other than static PDF you’ll be out of luck.

Only PDF is supported by the webpage upload, and you’ll have to download their desktop client to deal with other file types.

Type: desktop


  • free plan (Pro plan starts at $15/month)
  • import links
  • share on social networks
  • print pages


  • 5 uploads/day
  • 500 pages per book
  • can’t batch convert
  • can’t add video and photo slidesho

11. Issuu

Website of Issuu

Not just another electronic flipbook maker, Issuu is a whole publishing solution for digital flipbooks with page turning effect.

You can sign up for a gratis account and get a basic service to convert and share both PDF and Word documents with your readers, but the offering including the features is quite limited.

You will have to pay to get access to the right interactive features such as selling issues or tracking analytics. Some of which you might consider being essential and that are included in other’s free offerings.

For example, you can’t even print without paying a subscription although there are both monthly and annual options to help you budget.

Type: web-based


  • free plan (Starter plan is $22/month)
  • social sharing
  • unlimited uploads
  • zoom


  • advertisement in free plan
  • publication limits of 500 pages/100MB
  • can’t embed videos

12. Bote

Website of Bote
Website of Bote

Bote promises a lot; more traffic without the help of expensive agencies, lead generation automation, maximized sales… but can it deliver?

Apparently, more than half a million companies around the world think so.

It’s a pretty impressive website, with slick user interface and a generous free trial on offer.

They call themselves a 360-degree publishing platform, and you can see why.

It takes care of everything from the moment you upload your PDF.

As well as converting it to a stunning flipping page catalog, Bote keeps all your tags and titles intact so you don’t have to waste time putting them all back in.

The biggest selling point for me is that they don’t rely on their own cloud servers to host your publications. Instead, they use the infallible service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is well known for having next to no downtime.

Overall, Bote is a great option to consider, and with a fully featured free trial on offer, there’s no need to commit before trying it out either.

Type: web-based


  • privacy settings
  • Google Analytics integration
  • works on every device
  • no page limit for your documents
  • print


  • no free plan (Starter plan is €9/month – 14-day free trial)

13. Mag+

Website of Mag+
Website of Mag+

Magplus is another publishing platform for free HTML magazines.

This is strictly membership only flipbook software that expects you are intending to sell issues of your magazine.

If you want to make a one-time app, it might be of interest, but unless you know, you can sell your content you are probably going to think that it is too expensive to gamble on.

If all you want to be able to do is have a PDF page flip animation, then Mag+ is overkill, but functionality demands it be added to the best flipbook software list.

Type: web-based


  • Google Analytics
  • In-app advertising
  • host content yourself
  • social sharing


  • rather expensive ($2099 – pay only when you publish)
  • no text-search

14. Flipsnack

Web site of Flipsnack

If you want to get started with flipping book software free, then this is another publishing platform that lets you try before you buy. You can also use one of Flipsnsack’s templates to make your free flipbook for your users.

It offers basic customization and social network sharing, but if you want to keep your publication private (unlisted) or if you want to download it you will need to pay for one of the paid version.

They claim that they can make a digital PDF flipbook in 60 seconds.

Which means in a matter of minutes you can create a whole bookshelf of virtual digital publications ready to show your followers or place on your webpage.

Type: web-based


  • free pan (Starter plan: $32/month)
  • social media sharing
  • 1000+ templates
  • set custom backgrounds


  • 3 catalogs
  • 30pages / 100 MB
  • no SEO
  • can’t add internal and external links

Best flipbook software free- ready for the unexpected winner?

So, there you have it.

My top 12 best flipbook software choices.

But, you must be wondering, what is my best flipbook software? What do I think is the best 3d flip book software? Which would I recommend? What is the best one for free I actually use?

I’ve looked at lots of high quality flipbook software freeware and paid to come up with this list of programs.

I really wanted my digital flipbook creator free – who doesn’t?

After all my business was not doing as well as my neighbors’. So I didn’t want to spend more on the best flipbook software than was absolutely necessary.

So, can we have a drum roll please as I announce the surprising winner of the best flipbook software…..

the winner is


Yes, this best flipbook software is an interactive e flipbook creator free to use for as many files as I like.

How to create a digital flipbook?

To create a flipbook, publications or attractive digital menus, all I need to do is:

  1. Edit the existing file on the computer (I do that anyway for creating the printed menus I display in the cafe).
  2. Upload the PDF pages to the PDF flipbook converter (it’s drag and drop, so I don’t need to go searching through the memory to locate it). And before I’ve had a chance to switch to my emails I’ve received another telling me my flipbook is ready for reading.
  3. Sign up for a gratis plan or log in.
  4. Make any preferred changes and include for example video, audio (such as background music) or images.
  5. Share the digital flash flipbook on the webpage or social media sites.

It’s really that simple with the easy to use interface.

Hence the reason it’s top of the list.

I started with the free plan, but after a couple of months, I decided to go with the AppKiosk as this plan includes some impressive other options and features!

Benefits of the Best Flipbook Software Free

Once it’s uploaded, I can add Google Analytics links (with the upgraded adFree plan) to see how often customers are reading the menu.

I can use different ones for different menus. This way I can see if checking out the Christmas menu is more popular than the standard one for example. Again, another reason for my choice of best flipbook software.

I can also customize my menu once I’ve uploaded it or switch and change pages. It allows to add my own branding to the reader and making it look more professional and polished.

In hospitality, people are paying for an experience as much, if not more, than the nutrition.

So it’s important to me that my menus project the right image before they’ve even set foot through the door.

And it’s so simple to spread beautiful new menus on my Facebook page and other social media platforms using the embed code!

Meaning my followers can find out quickly when I’ve developed something new to tickle their taste buds.

Using this page flipping flip book maker really makes me feel like a professional when creating my PDF flash flipbooks.

The other thing that makes this flipbook maker really stand out for me as the best flipbook software is their customer support.

I’m a chef, not a geek.

But whenever I want to know how to do something their customer support is always on hand to guide and advise me if I can’t find the answer in their huge knowledge base.

But so far I can tell you it is the most accessible software to use, and it is really easy!

In the modern world, paper is increasingly becoming redundant as people carry their world on their mobile device.

Making my menu available online in a simple to browse format allows visitors to my webpage to make up their minds before coming that what I offer looks better than the competition.

Unlike the old days when by the time they had walked up to three or four windows to read the menu they would just go into anywhere within budget.

I’m glad I made the switch (or should that be flip?) to the free and best flipbook software – Yumpu.

I hope you find the solution to your publishing nightmare as easily as I did.

I genuinely hope this easy flipbook software review was of help to you to get the best flip page software that works for you!

I am more than happy to hear about your experience with the different flipbook software and discuss different features/functions! Just comment below!

What do you think?

What is the best flipbook software?

  1. Yumpu
  2. Sage Flip Catalog
  3. iMag
  4. Instant Flipbook
  5. FlipHTML5
  6. Bote
  7. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro
  8. FlipPDF
  9. FlippingBook
  10. Pub HTML5
  11. Flipbuilder
  12. Lucidpress
  13. 1stFlip

17 thoughts on “12 Best Flipbook Software in Comparison [Unexpected Winner]”

  1. I want to thank you giving me more alternatives. I only knew about Issuu and Flipsnack and now I know there are plenty more to choose from. Well, better get started testing them ;)!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FlipHTML5 seems to be a great flipbook maker. Signed up for the free version and created a small flipbook that looks quite nice and took me 20 minutes to create. Will probably try others but I’m liking this one for the moment.


    1. Yes, that is correct – but only with Yumpu. Google and others can index your flipbook because this software uses AI that ensures that your flip book will rank in Google.


  3. That’s awesome! Does this mean that it could potentially rank on the first page and maybe get visitors? Thank you for any replies.


  4. I like both Issuu and Mag+ and I have to decide which one to use. I like to use both from time to time but when it comes to the paid features I think I prefer Issuu. Their basic plan is ok-ish but their Premium plan is the best I think.


  5. I have been searching for a flipbook software package that allows me to save the result as an .EXE file to place on USBs and distribute instead of the recipient having to access the internet. I have looked at Flip PDF Professional (which does the job for $99) but am interested if any others out there do the same (without having to pay a monthly subscription).


    1. unfortunately, so far I have not come across a software that would allow that for free… but there are other solutions out there that allow you to download your magazine in another format for way less than flip pdf professional – for example with yumpu you get to download your magazine as pdf with the adfree plan for only 19,95$/month; with pubhtml5 for 29$/month and with flippagemaker you would have to start at $99 again…


  6. I’ve tested a few of the flipbook software that you talk about in here. I tried Issuu, Flipsnack and Instant Flipbook to name a few. Issuu is pretty good but you’ve made me very curious about Yumpu. I will be testing it out next week to see what all the fuss is about.


  7. Honestly, I didn’t even hear about Yumpu until I read this. How come? I don’t understand how such a cool software is not known all over the internet. I mean, I can’t see anything as good as it’s free version. And then there’s the paid one which is unbeatable.


    1. It is getting more and more known. As time goes by it will probably become the best option out there. There are other good software out there but none surpasses it at the moment.


  8. Thank you for sharing this information David! I have been looking for a great way to share photo albums with families and this article was perfect. Greatly appreciate the information.


    1. thanks for sharing another publishing software with us 🙂 I did select the 12 best in my opinion, but of course there are also a ton of other tools out there.


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