#1 Powerful Free PDF Catalog Creator You Need to Know About!

Physical catalogs are fine for certain purposes, but today’s modern customers demand something lighter, more interactive, containing less dead trees. I hadn’t grasped this fact and was struggling to make my sales align with the effort and expense of producing my catalog. Thankfully I came across the free PDF catalog creator Yumpu that lets you… Continue reading #1 Powerful Free PDF Catalog Creator You Need to Know About!

12 Flipsnack Alternatives in Comparison

Flipbooks are all the rage right now, and Flipsnack is one of the best out there. However, like anything, it does have its limitations. In this article, I’ll give you a run down of what exactly Flipsnack is, where it’s good and where it’s not so good. Then we’ll take a look at ten of the most popular alternatives, and compare which ones offer the best features and benefits in comparison to Flipsnack. We’ll conclude with my pick of the options, so that you can find out which is the best Flipsnack alterative for you.

Calameo vs Joomag: Incredible Flipbook Software in Comparison

Ever wondered which publishing software beats all the rest? Well here is a brand new post about Calameo vs Joomag vs Issuu vs Slideshare vs Scribd vs Yumpu. In this post I will compare the different publishing software just mentioned. All of them got their own pros and cons. You will get a deeper understanding of Calameo, their different functions, who they are, what they do and of course its competitors. There I will compare their different functions and pricing plans, this way you will be able to make a good decision which software to choose based on your just gained knowledge. Because there is nothing more important than to know what you get for your money (well if you don’t decided to use one of the free plans).

Joomag Competitors Review: Everything you need to know!

If you are looking for an online publishing platform, Joomag may be one you’re considering. In this review, I take a look at the pros and cons associated with Joomag, as well as details on competing platforms, including Yumpu and Magcloud. You will discover whom Joomag is suitable for and who their clients are at present, how to embed magazines on WordPress, the features of Joomag, and how it matches up to the competition. I’ll also take a look at the pricing structure for Joomag, so you can get a good idea of what you are going to get for your money. All of this information should help you to determine the best online publishing platform for your needs.

Calameo Alternative: 9 Reasons You Should Be Talking About It

What’s better than a boring old online PDF magazine? An interactive, clickable, video laden experience of course, and that’s what online flipbook makers have brought us. With services like Calameo, you can upload your publisher documents or PDF’s in no time, and have them seamlessly converted to a powerful online flipbook. Some flipbook makers are more widely known than others, but there are so many Calameo alternative products out there, it only makes sense to explore all the options available. I’m truly excited to tell you about my favourite flipbook maker, and why it’s so much better than Calameo.

12 Best Flipbook Software in Comparison [Unexpected Winner]

Flipbooks are increasingly fashionable at the moment and it's a busy marketplace out there with everyone and their dog offering to take your PDF and convert it to a fantastic HTML5 webpage. Some even include hosting and integrated social media sharing in their service whilst others give you total flexibility over how your finished flipbook looks – albeit for a price. I looked at as many services as I could find to produce not a top 5 nor top 10 but a whopping top 12 providers. The best flipbook software list ranges from the priciest downloadable software like FlipHTML5 and Flipcreator to free services such as Anyflip and Yumpu. I compared features and, balancing that against ease of use, method of hosting, support and cost. I also make a recommendation as to which I consider is the crème-de-la-crème of flipbook publishing software.

Flipbook Creator- Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew

These days creating flipbooks is for anyone – not just magazine editors or online shop owners. Even bloggers can get in on the act and improve their social media marketing through the use of flipbook publishing and ease of sharing. This article brings to light some facts about flipbooks – and in particular about flipbook creator – that you might not have previously known. Did you know you can share your flipbook in a single click? Or that it's possible to turn your dull Pdf into a multimedia flipbook extravaganza by embedding audio and video directly onto the page? Are you shocked by how many different devices can you read flipbooks on? Be surprised when you learn what platform you need to create a flipbook. And be amazed by how Google Analytics tracking works with flipbook creator.

Instant Flipbook Review – Your Questions Answered!

Wouldn't it be great if you could publish your magazine online as easily as sending it to the printer? If, instead of waiting for the paper copies to be ready you could cut the middleman and publish it online - in an instant? That's exactly what Instant Flipbook promises to do – publish your magazine, brochure, catalogue or other PDF file instantly. But does it live up to expectations? How much does it cost? Can you share your files? Is the magazine cloud-hosted or self-hosted? In this article, I share with you everything I have learnt about flipbook publishing – and in particular what I discovered about Instant Flipbook. So, read on to find out how flipbook publishing could help your magazine reach new audiences and to find out what Instant Flipbook can offer.

Flipbook App – Your Key to Success

In this blog post you will get all the information needed about flipbook software and flipbook app. Creating a flipbook by using one of the many existing flipbook software that are out there is vital for your business. But even more important is using the best flipbook maker that offers all the right features that you need. This way creating a flipbook is easy as you just need to upload your PDF files to the converter and make some final adaptions. Using a flipbook app proved to be beneficial too. Have you ever wondered why you would need a flipbook app? What benefits it would bring to you? Well, a flipbook app allows you to carry your created magazines with you at all times, as they are stored within the app. Find out more about the benefits of a flipbook app in this blog post.

HTML5 Flipbook – 7 Incredible Facts You Won’t Believe!

Converting visits to your website to purchases is key to the success of your business and a great way to encourage purchases is to offer your brochure or catalogue online so potential customers can find out for themselves what you offer. Visitors can be fickle, and if they need to download a PDF file they're more likely to navigate away. Boost your website with a professional Flip Book that will allow your website visitors to read your brochure as easily as if it were on paper. Here I'm going to tell you about 7 things I learnt when I decided to add an HTML5 FlipBook to my website – and how I got on. (TL;DR I increased sales because my visitors were hanging around reading my brochure instead of my competitors)