Flipbook Creator- Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew

As a blogger, I’ve been struggling to find ways to keep engaging new readers without making them feel like they have to painstakingly scroll back over my blog to find out what some of the ‘in-jokes’ and common references mean. When I found out what a digital flip book maker free was, I just knew it could help me, but little did I know the most interesting facts about the flipbook creator – until I did a little extra research. Luckily, you won’t have to trawl thousands of websites to find out the most interesting things about the best flipbook creators such as Yump – as I’ve included them in one handy blog!


Have you ever wondered how to create those neat digital flip books?

flipbook creator

You know the ones I mean… flip books…

…where it looks like there is a book on your screen and when you turn the pages you get a little animation, and sometimes a sound effect, showing the page turning or flipping over.

…. where you just have to upload a PDF file to the free digital flipbook maker – click: convert PDF to flipping book – and the output is a stunning publication with a page flipping effect.

As a blogger, I spend quite a lot of my time reviewing different ways to publish my content.

In a busy marketplace, I need to stand out.

It can be very dispiriting to see your follower numbers start to drift downwards.

People follow popular bloggers and gauge popularity by how many others think the same way.

Which is why finding Yumpu, a free Flipbook Creator, which allows to create free PDF page flipbooks, was such as godsend.

Create a flipbook from pdf free

I’m a middling blogger (I also have other blogs besides this WordPress blog)

I can make a bit of spending money from my blog, but I’m not a celebrity by any means.

At first, I got lucky, but then my stream of new followers began to dry up and even worse – some of my followers were unsubscribing!

I was distraught as I’d got somewhat used to the bit of extra cash in my purse every month and I could see it all ebbing away.

One of the ideas I had to solve this problem was to create a digital bookshelf of 3d online free flipbooks based on my blog which I could use to attract new followers who maybe saw my tone as a bit cliquey and full of in-jokes.

I thought if they could start at the beginning reading a carefully curated selection of posts they could get up to speed on what my blog is about and would carry on reading.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I had the right term, so I googled “What is a online flipbook?” (It is basically a flipbook that is online, and that can be flipped like a real flipbook)

I quickly followed that up with “Which flipbook creator provider exist?”.

There are tons of flipbook creator providers, but these are the most common ones.

  • Issuu
  • Yumpu
  • Instant Flipbook
  • Calameo
  • Pub HTML5
  • FlippingBook
  • Flip HTML5
  • 1stflip
  • Igoosoft
  • Flipcreator

I was quite honestly shocked at how high the price of some flipping ebook creator software was.

Some, like Flipbook Creator Pro, 1stflip or Igoosoft are far out of my budget.

Flipcreator free download flipbook creator sounded good until I realized it was just a 30-day free trial.

Some I needed a coupon for.

And then there were services like Flip catalog which were a big fat nope as well.

I wanted free flip book creator software.

I asked myself “What’s the best flipbook creator?”

Ideally, I wanted my free flipbook maker software online as I often write on the move.

But I had no idea how to create your own flip book online.

Then, luckily for me, I stumbled on Yumpu, a flipbook creator online.

It offered everything I could see myself wanting in the short term, and there was the option to pay for more features / tools as and when I needed them.

Plus, like my followers who gauge my success by my likes, there were over 20 million publications already published with them.

That many people can’t be wrong! So that’s my answer.

Now, I’m far more optimistic for the future with my PDF flash flipbook maker.

I’m gradually going back over my early blogs (and some were DIRE!), editing them and curating them into collections which I’m publishing as catalogs.

And my follower numbers are beginning to pick up again as I have a new USP to get me noticed in the crowded blogosphere.

Creating flip books from pdf

What is a flipbook creator?

It’s a flip book software that makes it really easy to create stunning flippable page pdf magazines – even for WordPress websites – that your readership can enjoy both on and offline.

All you need to do is make sure you use the best pdf flip magazine creator to do all the hard work.

How do I make a flipbook online for free?

  1. Go to the webpage of the digital publishing software and upload your Pdf files to the flipbook converter (don’t blink or you’ll miss the conversion)

    Upload PDF to The Converter
  2. Log in or sign up for a free account.

    Login or Sign Up
  3. Make any changes to the flipbook that you wish within the Document Manager. Switch up the pages, add rich media such as images, video or audio,…

    make changes to the flipbook
    Make Changes to The Flipbook
  4. Enjoy your page turning magazine and share it on your website or social media site like Facebook, Twitter & Co.

    Embed Code to Share Flipbook
    Use The Embed Code to Share Flipbook

That’s it, it really is that easy to create an interactive magazine with a page flip software.

Create a free PDF flash flip book faster than you can make a pot of tea.

You don’t need to know what it means when it promises flip book effects with jquery, in Html5, no flash, freeware.

All you need to know is that HTML is what every browser on every device uses to encode your website.

So as long as they can access the web, your readership can access your flipbook after creation.

And you can even use a flipbook app so that you always have your created flipbook with you at all times.

One huge benefit to me is I can create a Pdf without knowing if my readers have Adobe Acrobat or some other Pdf viewer.

If I want to, I can keep my electronic flip books firmly online which is great for monitoring what is actually being read and what isn’t so popular.

Digital flipbook maker fun facts

Did you know you can embed audio and video files into a HTML5 flipbook?

Unlike paper, you can link to a wide range of multimedia sources including YouTube and WordPress.

That’s right.

Instead of just letting your readers browse through a neat fliping book you can actually talk to them directly or embed videos – which I’m finding very useful as I’ve done a few vlogs to complement my written work.

In the following, you can see a video of how to embed a video into your online flipbook.

Tutorial: How to add a video to your flipbook

It starts at the best price – free.

Totally and completely gratis.

It’s surprisingly cheap to go Ad free – which, as a blogger making money from paid advertising, is important.

I can’t have anyone else’s ad’s stealing my revenue!

Plus I have the option to further capitalize on my blog by offering a subscription to my interactive catalogs.

The bottom line is that I want to make as much money out of my writing as I can so I begrudge paying more than I can make back from extra visits.

Everytime someone looks at my page it increases my visitors’ numbers which make my blog more profitable for advertisers.

I like the way that the essential features / products are free and that the paid plans start at so little as it meant I could ease my way into providing a magazine of my blog.

If I’d had to download a software package, I would have started out of pocket and probably still be out of pocket so if the venture had failed it would have been a major disaster – not just a bit of a nuisance.

You can sneak in a revision.

So just after putting together a collection of blogs on a specific topic I came across another blog that fitted into that section better than anywhere else.

Then I realized that I’d customised the flipbook with the hotspot editor.

And I’d already started to get likes.

Just uploading a new version of the publication would wipe all of that out.

No problem.

All I needed to do was export the hotspot data, upload the revision and reimport my customisations.

One revised pdf with all the likes of the old one.

It works on all devices – Windows, Mac – even Linux!

How to convert a PDF to an online flipbook?

Despite being a Portable document format there’s actually a lot of times that a PDF is too portable (someone could steal your work) or not portable enough (there’s no decent pdf viewer for that platform).

HTML, CSS, and Jquery are standards that are available everywhere.

If you’re a fan of Adobe, you’ll know how to create Pdf flip book with InDesign, but you’ll also know that it outputs as swf.

Not a proper format if you want a portable flash e flipbook.

Flip book creater uses one of the best open source solutions to create flipping pdf based flipbooks.

You can create interactive flip books to create even more compelling CTAs.

Instead of just telling your reader “go on line and read my blog” you can actually link them to the specific page you want them to read (and that can be in the flip book if you want).

It can even be a mailto: link so they can contact you straightaway – it really is that easy.

And you can link it to a big red button that they can’t resist pushing. (What is it about red buttons that make them so attractive?)

There are tons of features for authors.

I wanted to know how to publish a flip book online.

Flipbook Creatopr does most of the work for you indeed. And if you need some inspiration on how you want your publication to look like in the end, you can find a ton of great examples from other users on their website.

    • The flip page creatir can publish in 70 different languages.
    • You can create templates for your own embeds.

  • It is Search Engine Optimized – SEO friendly (meaning your publications are indexable by Google which helps to rank your content).
  • It offers a WordPress Plugin.
  • ….

The list could go on an on…

It’s all in the cloud – nothing to download – unless you want to.

If you want a flipbook creator for Ipad or flipbook creator for mac you might be happy for a flipbook creator download.

But I wasn’t.

I wanted a mobile HTML flipbook creator, so I can switch between my laptop, desktop (Windows, Mac), tablet and mobile devices (iPhone, Android) easily.

I quickly discounted using Igoosoft flipbook creator, A-pdf, and 1stflip flipbook creator pro as they were too expensive and needed to download software.

Of course, no flipbook maker online would be any use to me if there was no option to download the digital PDF flash flipbook but I can download a backup whenever I fancy.

It’s as social as you are.

Being a blogger, I rely on viral marketing to bring new followers to my page.

I can publish my catalogs quickly and easily and embed it using the embed code.

And with only a couple of clicks more share my interactive publication across all my social networks like Facebook.

I can choose which of many different ways I share my new upload – from a simple link to a mini-reader that embeds into Facebook itself.

It integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics.

All I need is the tracking code, and data will be returned to my Google account telling me where readers are reading.

Flipping book html5 rendering makes SEO simple – and you can do things like editing links to tweak their rating.

You’re never the first to have an issue.

There’s a huge community of support & help and, as well as the online manual, there’s also an extensive knowledge base which will answer pretty much any of your queries like for example where to change the privacy settings.

And if amazingly, it doesn’t there’s some lovely support staff who really know how to look after their customers. Their service is simply amazing!

Flipbook Creator Professional

That’s what I think I should call myself now.

Creating Pdf magazine collections of my work acts as a sort of brochure for new followers to browse.

It also allows existing followers to quickly and easily access some of my best bits – rather like a clip show at the end of television show’s run.

I was looking for a free, quick and easy solution to the problem I’d dreamt up.

I needed something that would give my blog a boost.

Make it stand out from the others.

I read plenty of flip ebook pdf creator reviews, and Yumpu was a name I kept reading.

Which is why I tried this free flip book maker 1st and never looked elsewhere.

This has definitely been one of my best ideas!

Do you also have any kind of experience with this or any other flipbook creator that can convert your PDF page into flip books? Just leave a comment below – I would be happy to learn and hear your experiences 🙂

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