Instant Flipbook Review – Your Questions Answered!

Have you heard of flipbooks and free flipbook creator? No, neither had I a few months ago. Not until I did some research because I wanted to publish my own flipbook. That was when I learned about the free Instant Flipbook alternative Yumpu. This was a total game changer!


instant flipbook

Before that, I was tearing my hair out trying to find a solution to my problem. I was in danger of losing my friends as I wasn’t paying enough attention to them – and I was in serious danger of losing my sanity.

Let me introduce myself a little.

I am self -employed, so I have my own business. I also edit a local magazine, and I wanted to make it available online as print runs are expensive and it was hard making ends meet.

It was so frustrating at first.

My articles are usually sent to me as Word documents (sometimes as typed text – I have some really old contributors) and pictures can be in loads of different formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG – and yes, sometimes I have to scan them myself.

I then assemble them using desktop publishing software and get them printed, all set to distribute.

I thought it would be a pretty simple task to create a web page for our magazine and make it available electronically.

It was, quite frankly, overwhelming.

I quickly realized that the menu option “convert to HTML” could equally well be labeled “turn into alphabet soup.”

So, for a time I created individual pages for each article by hand.

Which was really time-consuming and slow.

I knew there had to be an automated answer out there, but I had no idea how to find it. That’s when I started to search the internet for a solution….

…..And found out about Yumpu.

Turning my magazine into a PDF, I could do.

Uploading I can do.

Clicking “Convert” I can do.

boom. easy as that

Make a flipbook faster than a coffee

So there I was spending my evenings turning page after page of text into web pages that are updated.

Fiddling with picture files and swearing a lot.

I was becoming a recluse.

I didn’t have time to meet friends for days because of this millstone of a task I’d set myself.

And I was beginning to consider throwing in the towel and passing the whole mess onto some other mug.

So, one evening I took a break and went web-surfing.

I stumbled across a really cool looking magazine that didn’t need downloading to read and looked just like a print magazine – even down to the little flipping animation when I turned the page.

That caught my attention, so I threw a few magical keywords into the search engine.

Things like “convert pdf to flipbook, “create downloadable flip book” and “free”.

I had a look at creating an Adobe page flip book using the flippybook effect, but that sounded like hard work.

And that’s when I found out about all the other various flipbook creators.

Easily create a digital flipbook

I happened to have  PDF of the current edition ready to go, so I signed up for a free trial account, clicked “Start Upload” and uploaded it to their site to convert pdf files to flipbook within minutes.

Then I went off to get a cup of coffee.

While the machine was doing its stuff, I nipped back to check on the progress of my file, and I was astounded.

I was expecting one of those bars that says something like “Uploading: ETA 00:00 01/01/2032” but instead it was completed.


To say I was happy when I looked through that first attempt at an instant flipbook would be the understatement of the year.

I had found a free instant pdf to flipbook generator, and it had worked beautifully.

I had a professional looking online magazine faster than I had my coffee and using it was so intuitive I was sure my readership would love it too.

I still even receive quite some amazing feedback on the updated flipbooks!

So now I have my evenings back.

Well mostly.

When I’m not retyping Geoff’s flower show reports.

But I digress.

I certainly have more time on my hands, and we have an online magazine that the local community is proud of.

I can even track the readership of my catalogs using Google Analytics, and we have some readers from pretty far-flung places.

Before I started to use this best flipbook software I was using Instant Flipbook.

Instant Flipbook has a lot of great features.

Since I used it for quite a long time, I also thought about not only giving you a review of Instant Flipbook but also to answer your most burning questions.

Keep on reading to also find out why I changed from Instant Flipbook to the online flipbook maker I use now.

Instant Flipbook Review:

So now let’s dive right into the Instant Flipbook review with all the valuable information you might need.

Instant Flipbook Website
Instant Flipbook Website

Features: Works on all devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet) – even paper!

I can’t control what my readers use to access the magazine, let it be their mobile phones, tablets or computer, but I can tell you this: it works on all devices – this way people can read my info / content online.

I can even offer an option to download flipbook to pdf so they can read it offline or print it out.

PDF is a lovely format for making files ready to print so if my readers want to choose that option rather than the online instant flipbook, they just have to click the printer icon and put some paper in the printer.

From my point of view, it’s so simple to manage.

Another great feature is, that I can customize flip books using our fonts and logos, and it only takes a few minutes to adjust.

And because it’s not a PDF – it’s HTML5 – it’s SEO friendly meaning it’s easier for my readership to find us (and probably explains some of the faraway readers). This is one of my favorite feature!

I can include links in the text directing the reader to other websites or articles of interest.

I’m even considering adding in little vlog style reports as I’ve noticed that flip book maker Youtube video integration is possible. Plus I am able to choose which image I want to add. I can even add not just one image but multiple ones.

My older readers also appreciate the ability to zoom in on pages of interest and the nice image.

I got a message only the other day from one who said she’d started reading the magazine again now that it’s online as she can make the text big enough to see.

I also like the ability to share the magazine on Facebook and other social media networks.

We have a thriving local group, and it’s literally the work of a second to alert people that a new edition is hot off the conversion.

And I can do all this with pretty much no technical ability.

It’s far easier than collating the magazine together in the first place.

Your Questions Answered!

I know when I was searching for a solution I kept raising more and more questions that I couldn’t answer and find the info on.

My search history is full of variations on the same theme as I tried to narrow down the keywords I needed to answer them all.

Well, I’m going to save you that heartache by answering them for you here.

In this little section here I’ve tried to include the main questions I wanted to answer before I took the plunge.

What is an Instant Flipbook?

I’ll start with an easy one. An instant flipbook is a way to convert Pdf files to flip book html5.

What does that mean?

Put simply it means using just your web browser you can turn your PDF from something your reader needs to download into something they can read anywhere they have a web browser that can understand html5. Which is most modern browsers on most modern devices.

(If you are getting a “Flipbook Creator class not registered” error you may need to upgrade your Flash plugin in your browser).

You’ve probably already seen what an instant flipbook looks like.

Lots of companies use them to distribute flipbooks, or for brochures and catalogues so you can flip through them without needing to offer a paper version.

Flipbooks are really intuitive to use.

Digital Flipbook with flipping effect
Digital Flipbook With Flipping Effect

If you want to turn the page you click on the turn page arrow (or swipe on a touchscreen) which makes them feel just like a real book.

All your artwork and fancy fonts can be included (just be sure to embed them in the file).

They have a lot of advantages over traditional printed paper though.

Firstly there’s the cost.

It’s priced per conversion with a discount so the more you do the cheaper it gets.

But even the first one was a lot less than printing pages costs which means I can afford to charge less for my magazine.

Secondly, there’s the ability to embed multimedia – video, audio, YouTube, Vlogs, funny cat gifs – which is simply not possible on paper.

And thirdly there’s the ability to link to other articles either within the pdf flash flipbook (for example when you create an index or page of contents) or to link to other home pages.

You can have clickable mailto: links in the editorial contacts section if you want to get complimented on how professional your magazine looks.

Who is behind Instant Flipbook?

Instant Flipbook is a company that wants to improve the user experience of on-screen reading.

They do this by making it easy to turn/convert your Pdf into HTML5 in a way that anyone can access anywhere.

Since when does Instant Flipbook exist?

It’s not that new.

The web site was first registered in 2008.

It’s just that now, with the arrival of HTML5, it’s easier than ever before to create beautiful, instant flipbooks.

How do I create my own flipbook?

That’s another easy one.

Now that you’ve decided you want to create an instant online flipbook free all you need to do is to simply head over to the site click “Select a PDF to convert” to upload your PDF and wait a couple of minutes. Probably not even that long to be honest.

Select PDF to Convert
Select PDF to Convert

And then sign up or login for an account.

Login or Signup

Job done.

Now you can go on and share your created publication on your web page or social media sites. Or you download flipbook files.

One of the flaws is that the free trial account is limited compared to what you can get for free from other providers – such as Yumpu. And therefore the pricing is quite high.

Instant Flipbook offers a complex and slightly confusing and expensive flipbook pricing structure. That’s why you might want to use a coupon.

With the Instant Flipbook pricing, you start with the trial level, then if you want to purchase an instant flipbook you move up to the standard level.

Purchase another and you can move onto Bronze.

Silver plan needs 3 purchases, Gold plan 10 and Platinum plan 20.

Each level gets a cheaper Flipbook prce.

Even though you might use the free trial you might also want to use an Instant Flipbook coupon to save some money.

What are the optimal PDF settings for the best output?

Not everything is as simple as it looks.

If you want to get the best magazine you need to make sure the PDF is set up the right way, to begin with.

It probably already is but if your magazine isn’t looking quite right then maybe you need to double check that you haven’t set the quality too high.

Instant Flipbook recommends that you stick to 72-150DPI.

My other favorite alternative flipbook provider can cope with higher quality which is good when you have print-ready files as you don’t need to adjust the settings for your interactive flash flipbook.

My flipbook is loading very slow, what can I do about it?

High-quality pictures can take a long time to load so it might be them slowing things down.

If you increased the DPI optimization too high that could slow things down as well.

Try reducing the quality until you find a good balance between speed and appearance.

How do I put the flipbook on my website?

Once the HTML5 flipbook is created you get sent a zip file with the files you need.

Which keeps everything all together but isn’t’ as easy as, some others, where you simply click on the “embed” button once the conversion is completed.

You can decide whether to offer the magazine in a widget or embed it directly.

There are different options for different circumstances and if you need to configure the embed code then do so before clicking “save” and copying the generated code into your webpage. (Just be sure it can cope with iframes).

With other providers, you can even arrange your magazines into a bookshelf.

What files are supplied when I purchase the flipbook?

Everything you need is combined into a single zip file that you unpack and upload to your webpage.

Make sure to keep everything together or it could stop working!

Is it possible to link email addresses in the flipbook?

If your PDF  has links they will be automatically turned into links in the flipbook.

Or you can add them using the link editor.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Instant Flipbook limits you to a file of 100mb.

If like me, you want to convert your print-ready files then this can actually be a bit limiting.

The alternative I use sets the limit to 600mb or with no more than 2500 pages.

Which is ideal if you have high-quality graphics in there.

How can I link to a specific page within the flipbook?

Simply add /?page= to the end of the link to the file.

So, for example, would take you to page 5.

This link can be in the file or on your webpage.

How to track clicks within my flipbook with Google Analytics?

You can create links that can be tracked using the URL Builder and incorporate them into your file.

This allows you to fine tune what you track. With some competitors (e.g., Yumpu) all you have to do is enter your Google Analytics Tracking Code and it will send all the data back automatically.


I hope this has helped you to find the solution to your publishing needs. Whether you buy one of the paid plans when you need a specific product/feature or use the free plan.

It certainly was a game-changer for me!

game changer

And it’s certainly helped me to regain my evenings – and my friends who wanted to see me (although my hair may never recover from being pulled out).

I started out with the digital publishing platform Instant Flipbook, actually because I was first searching things like “Pdf flipbook maker freeware, ” and then I found an Instant Flipbook Coupon and thought I had nothing to lose.

I’ve since tried some of the others. Because, while it’s pretty straightforward and an excellent introduction to flipbooks it definitely has its challenges.

This is why I started to look for an Instant Flipbook alternative. I came across quite a lot of similar tools like Issuu, Anyflip or PubHTML5.

With the flipbook maker comparison, I finally found the 3d flipbook software I am using now. And this is easily the best flipbook creator out there!

At the moment, I’m using the digital publishing platform Yumpu because it has a few features / products that Instant Flipbook doesn’t offer.

Such as a legit fully featured free account.

Which is a huge selling point for a Pdf to flipbook converter online.

Which is another good feature – this flipbook maker is an Instant Flipbook alternative that is fully online.

My magazine gets uploaded to their cloud servers and it’s a couple of keypresses to add it to our web page.

Another plus point is their great support team that is always available for your service. They will help you with any issue you might have. (if you ever happen to have one, which I think you will most likely not)

So that’s my experience.

I hope it gives you something to think about and saves you from quite so much hassle as I went through!

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